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Frequently asked questions

Which surfaces do Sticky Ticky wall decals work best on?

Sticky Ticky reusable wall decals will adhere to most smooth surfaces – painted walls, smooth plastic, glass, and metal. You can put them on laptops, fridges, laminated cabinets and your car.

You can also apply them to surfaces like concrete, timber and solid plaster if they have been properly primed and painted first. You can apply them to untreated timber and other porous surfaces, but they may leave a slight residue, or not come off cleanly.

There are two paint types which we have found Sticky Ticky doesn't work as well on:

  • 'Orange peel' – a common wall texture in America. 
  • Paints with teflon added for easy cleaning.

Sticky Ticky will adhere to some high gloss products (glass, painted metal) so well that it can stretch slightly out of shape on removal so please test first with smaller pieces.

If you're unsure contact us for a sample.

Can I customise my order?

We sure can. Depending on the design, and the changes you are wanting, there are some things we can change:

  • Size (dependant on size of original artwork)
  • Shape – different crop of design
  • Colour (dependant on how original design was created)
  • Make the second item a mirror image

Get in touch with any changes you may wish to make, and we’ll let you know if it’s something we can do. Extra charges may apply for customisation.

Can you print my favourite character?

We take copyright seriously, and in order to do this, we would need to licence the design from the company who created it, or holds the copyright of the design. Our company philosophy is to support NZ artists, so currently we only licence artwork from NZ artists.

Can Sticky Ticky wall decals go in the bathroom?

Sticky Ticky wall decals are fine in the bathroom, but we recommend you keep them out of direct wet areas ie: in the bath or under the direct wet area of the shower. You must make sure bathroom, or similar, surfaces are clean and dry before applying your Sticky Ticky decals.

We add a laminate coating to all of our decals which makes them more durable. They are able to be wiped with a damp cloth to clean them, although we recommend avoiding using chemical cleaners.

Can Sticky Ticky wall decals go outside?

We apply a weatherproof laminate coating to all of our decals. This makes them waterproof and gives them extra UV protection. You will need to take more care when applying. Make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned and dried first, and make sure all of the edges are properly smoothed down.

Can I put StickyTicky wall decals on wallpaper?

This depends on how the wallpaper is made. If it is smooth, and has a coated surface then it will work fine. If it is heavily textured, it may not stick as well. If it is old, or has an uncoated surface, this may get damaged when you remove it.

If you're unsure contact us for a sample.

How long will my Sticky Ticky wall decals last?

StickyTiki wall decals will last inside for over 10 years with no problems if it is looked after. The material is incredibly resilient, and the only thing that will really stop it working is getting too much dust on the adhesive. 

While all StickyTiki wall decals are weatherproof we don't recommend placing them in full sunlight long term as some fading may occur over time.

Will Sticky Ticky wall decals leave a residue when removed?

StickyTiki will not leave any residue as long is it is applied to a non-porous surface. If applied to a porous surface like natural timber, it will leave a slight residue when removed.

Will Sticky Ticky wall decals pull paint off?

Sticky Ticky wall decals have a low tack adhesive which should come off cleanly without any problems. If the paint is loose or flaking off, then it will come off when the decals are removed.

Colder temperatures can increase the chance of paint coming off when the decal is removed. In cooler months we recommend warming the decals with a hairdryer before removing them from the wall.

If you have just painted your walls please wait 30 days for the paint to cure before applying your Sticky Ticky decals.

As we don’t know the condition of your walls, Sticky Ticky makes no explicit guarantee on removing our product.


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