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About Sticky Ticky fabric wall decals

Wall decals are stickers made from original artwork which you peel and stick to your walls. You can move and rearrange them countless times, take them with you when you move, tell stories with the kids or create a new look every day. It’s truly unlimited!

For more than 10 years we have made every aspect of Sticky Ticky – from hand-painting the original artworks to printing and packaging them inhouse. We also collaborate with other New Zealand artists to bring you a wider range of designs. With many of our designs you can see the brush strokes, giving a painted-on look for your walls. Combining beautiful colours with the best quality materials means that once up in your home, they look simply stunning.

Our decals are all produced in our home studio in Christchurch, New Zealand. We scan the artwork and then upload it to our special printer which prints out the design and then cuts it out with computer controlled precision. They are printed onto a fine self adhesive fabric which has a lovely texture. The adhesive doesn’t change over time, so there is no limit to how long you can leave them up. We have customers who have had decals up for over 10 years and are still delighted with them.

The fabric is PVC free and can biodegrade over time in the environment. They won’t rip, wrinkle or damage your space and they adhere to any non-porous surface – they can go in or around corners or even ceilings. Sticky Ticky can be repositioned and moved countless times. If they stick together, you can gently peel them apart. They are washable, so those sticky little fingermarks can be wiped away easily. They are even weatherproof, so can go outdoors.

We are environmentally conscious and use only products and packaging that reflect this. Our business philosophy is to value ourselves and others and we have a strong focus towards charitable causes to which we often donate portions of our sales.

About us

Sticky Ticky began in Napier, Aotearoa in 2008. It was the brainchild of Kim Hands, who has a BA in art and design and is a keen painter. She has a talent for the quirky and created all of the original decal designs. In 2014 the business was sold to Rose Wells.

Rose has always enjoyed indulging her creative passions. From a young age she was encouraged to draw and paint, and her mother taught her a range of handcrafts. She studied art through high school, and then went on to become a graphic designer.

After returning from her OE in London, she worked at an advertising agency and took up a painting class in her spare time. The desire for hands on creativity became stronger, and she restarted a handmade candle business. Redundancy at the end of the GFC created a crossroads, which brought the decision to follow her passion and carve her own path making candles and doing freelance graphic design work.

The Canterbury earthquakes followed which brought new challenges. A year after her son was born, she decided it was time for a change. When the opportunity to purchase Sticky Ticky came up she jumped at the chance. Experience from an earlier job meant she was familiar with the large format printer used to make the decals. This combined with the opportunity to use her artistic skills and create new designs made this the perfect next step.

Since taking over the helm, she has expanded the range with new birds and children’s designs in her own unique style. She also works with other local artists and licenses their work for her decals. This enables her to bring her customers a wider range of work, and support other artists with another outlet for their work

Owner and Graphic Designer Rose Wells
Owner and Graphic Designer Rose Wells


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