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Kids wall decals

Decorate your children's rooms with easy to apply wall decals.

Our range of kids wall decals are a great choice for decorating children's rooms.

They are super easy to apply and remove, so when your kids decide it's time for a change, you can just peel them off and put up something new. They can also be rearranged, which makes them a great way for kids to personalise their own rooms. They can move them around as often as they like!

We have a great selection of designs to finish off your kids room decor, with work from a range of New Zealand artists. Our easy to use decals are designed and made in NZ, and are removable, which means you can move and rearrange them as often as you like.

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We've got you covered for all the kids wall decals you need! We've got decals for children's rooms, decals for the nursery and height chart decals.


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