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Nursery wall decals

Make your baby's room a joy to be in, by decorating with easy to use wall decals.

Our range of nursery wall decals are a great choice for decorating your baby's room.

One of the fun parts of preparing for a new baby is decorating the nursery. First choosing a theme, and then picking all the nursery decor items to match the look you want. You want to create a room that delights your baby, and feels calm and relaxing.

Choosing some cute nursery wall stickers is a great way to create the look you want, without creating lots of work for yourself. When your baby grows up, and their interests evolve, you can easily remove the nursery decals and replace them with something new. They can also be rearranged, which makes them a great way to personalise your baby's room. You can move them around as often as you like!

We have a great selection of designs to finish off your nursery wall decor, ranging NZ flora and fauna to classic and contemporary designs. We work with a range of New Zealand artists, and all of our decals are designed and made in NZ.

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We've got you covered for all the nursery wall decals you need! We've got decals, wallpaper and height chart decals.


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