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Little Wolf Studio

Little Wolf Studio

Felicity Meade of Little Wolf Studio lovingly designs, crafts, and hand paints jewellery, art prints, accessories and home decor that is detailed and playful in nature. Felicity's work is inspired by her inner child, wild imagination, and love of nature. As a trained graphic designer and illustrator, she embraces creativity through both her work and hobbies. Felicity's favourite illustrative style uses drypoint printmaking for the outline and texture, which she then colours by hand with watercolours. She has more recently been experimenting with digital illustration using Procreate on her iPad.

She lives in Christchurch with a group of friends and her pet bunnies Faun and Harli. When she's not being creative, you'll find her out on her mountain bike, horse riding, or spending time with friends and family.

You can view Felicity's prints, greeting cards and jewellery on her Felt store, Little Wolf Studio and her design portfolio at Felicity Meade.

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