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What's in a name?

Branding is an important aspect of a business. It's something that you want to get right, and it's a good idea to review it occasionally, to make sure it's still relevant. When I purchased Sticky Tiki almost eight years ago, I gave a lot of thought as to whether the name was still right for the business, or whether it was time for a change. I brainstormed other options, but I couldn't come up with another name. Sticky Tiki had really good brand awareness, so I decided to keep it.

Years earlier I had studied graphic design, and I learned the importance of not using Māori imagery without consultation with Māori (or ensuring that your client had done this). With this in mind, I updated the logo to a more simple version, and used a simple grey colour palette, as to not compete with the imagery of the decals.

Since that time, there has been increasing awareness around using te reo Māori, including efforts to use correct pronunciation. I have also learned more about cultural appropriation, and the more I learned, the clearer it became that it was time to change the name.

The name was originally chosen to give the brand name a New Zealand feel, as the products were being sent overseas, and there were New Zealand themed designs. When I researched the meaning of tiki, I found that it had several meanings, which included the heitiki. None of those meanings have any relevance to my business, and being Pākehā, I also don't whakapapa Māori.

A simple letter change

This is where I got stuck. Deciding to change your business name is just the first step, and choosing a new one isn't easy. It has to be memorable, and have a connection to the purpose of the business.

Sometimes, the answer you are looking for is right in front of you, but it can take some time before you see it. When once again someone incorrectly spelt the name as Sticky Ticky, I reflected on how that spelling had also popped up in Google Search Console as a name people had been using to search for my business. Finally the penny dropped, and I realised the solution to my problem had been right under my nose the whole time. I could change the name to Sticky Ticky!

Sticky Ticky is very similar to the existing name. It is more intuitive, and shouldn't create the confusion the current name has. It also fits with what I do much better.

Ticky is the blend of two words – 'tick' and 'tacky'.

countable noun A tick is a written mark like a V: ✓. It is used to show that something is correct or has been selected or dealt with.
countable noun You can use tick to refer to a very short period of time.

adjective If something such as paint or glue is tacky, it is slightly sticky and not yet dry.

'Ticky' means a level of adhesive that is 'just right', and is quick to apply. I think it sums up our products quite nicely, and now I'm wondering why it took me so long to realise this.

Welcome to Sticky Ticky!


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