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Branded promotional decals help to grow rural supplies company’s customer loyalty program

The client

PGG Wrightson is an established business that supports the rural sector in many ways. One of their main services is a large network of rural supplies stores. These can be found across New Zealand in many rural towns. Customers can have trade accounts, or purchase as cash sales.

The problem

They recently relaunched their customer loyalty program, Max Rewards. A major pillar of their marketing strategy includes attending rural field days to increase brand awareness and encourage customers to sign up for trade accounts. This makes them eligible for the Max Rewards loyalty program. They introduced a spinning prize wheel this year, where customers would spin the wheel and receive a branded Max Rewards prize.

The solution

I approached them about trialling some branded decals as part of the prize selection. The other promotional products they were using included a deluxe pen, notepad & pencil, reusable coffee cup, a selected range of books, and a Max the dog soft toy. I suggested that including some on-brand imagery with their logo on a decal would be another option that was complimentary to the current promotional items.

I provided Loyalty Marketing Co-ordinator Matt Carruthers with a product sample and some suggestions for how they could customise the decals to suit their audience. He thought this would be a great addition to the existing options, and ran it by the rest of the team. They liked the fact it was something different, which would make it stand out. The decals are reusable, and can be put on many things which makes them a versatile option.

They chose to use six rural images from around New Zealand, with the Max Rewards logo overlaid on the photograph. There was also an opportunity to add additional branding and information on the packaging. This enabled them to include the PGG Wrightson logo – one that has very strong brand awareness within the rural community – on the front. They could include a short blurb on the back about their loyalty program, with a call to action to find out more.

I worked with Matt to finalise the design of the decals and the backing cards. Once he was happy with how they looked, and his team had approved the design, I ordered the backing cards, and got production underway. Due to a tight timeframe these were delivered in two parts, the first a couple of days before the event, and I delivered the remainder to their stand at the South Island Fieldays in Kirwee.

The outcome

This was a great opportunity to see the spinning wheel in action, and see how the public responded to the different prizes. If the wheel landed on the Sticky Ticky decal segment, they were then offered the choice of one of the six designs. The most popular option was the image of a flock of sheep grazing in front of the Southern Alps. The ‘local landmark’ aspect of this design (it was raining that day which obscured the mountains), but on a fine day they would be clearly visible on the horizon. It was also the brightest coloured design, which contributed to it’s appeal.

Each person who landed on the Sticky Ticky section of the wheel was happy with their prize. As Matt shared with me, “No one expressed disappointment with receiving a decal. On paper, a sticker doesn’t sound that exciting, but once you show them the six options to choose from, and explain what they can do, they were really excited about it.”

He was also impressed with the high quality of the decals. “This is the best example that I've seen of a re-stickable sticker. That's the quality of the product itself. But we are also really happy with how the artwork side came out as well. I think that we would've been a little bit disappointed if even if you could re-stick it a thousand times if the actual graphic on top didn't look great. But it re-sticks and it also looks brilliant.”

The decals went so well, they re-ordered another set for the Mystery Creek Fieldays in June.

If you’d like to know more about how branded promotional decals might help build brand awareness for your business, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our branded promotional decals page and contact us for more info.


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